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This page going forward will contain a mini, micro or nano blog (select the descriptor of your choice) subject matter exclusively dedicated to travel & trips. 


Operative word(s) in this case are 'going forward.'




Very well.


Journeys to Yucatan (I & II) will not be uploaded HOWEVER are available in hardcopy only.  These outstanding photojournalistic accounts of visits to zona arqueologica would be shipped for review only after a hefty security deposit is received.  Journey I (97) recall is the solo adventure & includes site visits to Coba, Tulum & Chichen Itza while Journey II (01) has Son One as travelling companion (tc) & includes site visits & exploration of ruins at Ek Balam, Tulum, Chichen Itza & Kiwic. Both journeys begin & end in country at Cancun, Q.R.  Contact directly for rates.


Happy Valley Jihad & San Francisco Chronicles same to similar with minor exceptions.  Neither will be posted or uploaded but could be available hard copy for the right price.  You see both accounts contain reference & images of the character former fiance once known as elle since shortened to one single keystroke (minimal ) l (lower case L) and would require (aka DEMAND) extensive scrubbing for complete & total removal.


First of hopefully a series … Is this the way to Santa Fe ?


Aloha, adios & ciao baby.

Do YOU know the way to Santa Fe ?


Florida ... on the road again.


Planned & coming soon … If this is Orlando, we must be in FL.  




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