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The Artist  


I started my art career carving and have been trying to cut off my fingers for a long time.  Exactly how long I don’t know.  But maybe 50 years, plus or minus a few.


Growing up in a large family of modest means, living outside of town, before cable tv, video games, remote control AND even COLOR tv, self-amusement & entertainment were a must & underscored.


I remember mentioning to my Mom one time I was bored & she said read a book.  Another time she just said ‘tough’.  My Dad would find a job or small task for me to do so I refrained from telling him I was bored.  I am not knocking my Parents but you get the idea ?

My Father had a workshop in our basement, a large number of tools and there was always wood around so being the oldest, experimenting with wood & sharp things eventually came together.

Later, in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, my Dad saw to it that I fully understood safety and the dangers of sharp tools first then the correct way to use saws, chisels and importance of plans.  We started with simple projects like bird houses and over time progressed.


Later, I saw a carved duck decoy & I thought that was pretty neat & I wondered if I could do something like that.


Years later, I noticed a price tag & decided then & there that I could AND WOULD do that.


Today I am a self-taught carver and as such my skills continue to grow slowly.  I like to think that my skill level increases with each piece for you do truly learn something with each & every project.  Fellow carvers I have met along the way always seem most willing to share knowledge, tips & pointers but like everything else in life, you seem to always find one or maybe two that don't or are not.


Duck & decoy carving was & continues to be my main area of interest in a commercial sense but I also carve & paint shorebirds and tropical fish.  The fish I place in waterless aquariums with either carved or real coral & rocks for a natural habitat and setting.  Fish especially take way too much time & the return on time invested ranks with Third World wages.  Can't compete & I don't try.  Fish are always gifts or decorative items on the home front.


There are paintings, jewelry and signage rounding out the portfolio.  Paintings take a lot of time and sometimes a LONG time to complete.  Jewelry is stringing beads of various natural materials in classic colors & shapes sometimes with crosses.


Signs have become a favorite of late & are proving to be very popular.  Probably because you have to work very carefully to find out what the customer wants and then delivering a stellar finished product.


Some of the completed projects are found here, on this site, at the GALLERY tab from the HOME page.  The 'program' for the 2017 MAST tour was recently added & SUCCESSFULLY linked to the button. FINALLY !!  It is a step on the journey and not the destination.  As I continue to find time and the other necessary conditions, things will be both fine tuned and better organized.  


Enjoy.  But more importantly BUY.


Support LIVING artists.   Dead ones don't need the money.


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