Art Work

WELCOME to the GALLERY.  This section is now OFFICIALLY 'Under Construction' via wholesale re-org.  Much more art has been completed & more is on the way.  

I am looking at a totally different formatting to showcase the various & different types of work as well as more examples.  So to facilitate browsing but more importantly ORDERING, please continue to sit tight & be patient.

UNLESS you see something you must have or can't live without.  In which case, reach out and arrange a private tour of the Gallery at the cloud aka 49 oh one.  Open now by appointment.  

Finally, I would very much like to see the profits & benefits while I am still ALIVE & not have others reap the rewards of my talents posthumously.


A click on the image will show the title, full description as well as a closer view of the image.

The price is to get the piece out of the house & replace it with something else.  Not an easy task.

Similar to reproduction on a commission basis.

Prices fairly firm with little to no room for negotiation.

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