Why hello ...

And Greetings from McKinney, Tx.  This is your host, Bill or the artist known as W.   And for the record, it's pronounced 'Double-you' AND NOT 'dub-yah'. 
This current revamp is a look at & into my world.  The blog documents mishaps, misadventures & musings of  your correspondent, American humorist , adventurer, essayist, artist, rogue consultant &  venture retiree.
This is my world, as I see it, a world of sight & sound, where dimensions & lines often blur and reality at most other times is nebulous at best or at least certainly questionable .

There are slight changes this time but still more that need to be made & some again are still WAITING to be changed.  As of today,  right now, I am running out of patience.

 The THINK TANK focused on the future is now 2.2.

OK ... so I had to make a few  'new & improved'' modifications to the site as I am anticipating a quantum increase in traffic.  Gone is SOME of the frivolity such as 'Dispenser of free advice, and presidential candidate 2020'.  After observing the 2016 media orgy, I asked myself who in their right mind would even WANT such a job ?

For newcomers, I have totally migrated FROM the old site (aka the old testament) TO wix (nka the new testament).  No longer faultering, I am feeling like the site & things are fine tuned but as always looking at and for things to improve.  Confidence & momentum have arrived & are at times wavering & shaky.

The blog is the dynamic element and feature that gets updated most frequently.  The priority updating the gallery is in NEED and growing so expect updates.  If you read the blog, you will understand why and become keenly aware of the issue(s) at hand.

The other tabs fall right behind in line and the same alibi or excuse applies.

Sit back, explore, enjoy and have some FUN.  Let me know what you think.

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